0% THC CBD’s – NO Trace THC

Zero 0% THC

All of our Bulk Wholesale products can have 0% THC. Literally NO THC. Not even Trace amounts. Most mainstream retailers, distributors and consumers will not accept even trace THC in their products.

An overwhelming majority of current CBD users & people “On the Fence” about CBD’s don’t want ANY THC in their CBD’s. According to 2 polls conducted recently (now over 200 respondents) and a third study by another major CBD company, over 70% of respondents prefer CBD without THC. It is reasonable to speculate that this number will grow proportionality to the growth in public awareness of CBD’s.

It’s especially for anyone not wanting to worry about being “Flagged” in a drug test for work or government employees. It’s just not worth the risk.

While there are rumors that large retailers like Whole Foods, GNC, Costco have – at times, stocked CBD supplements in limited trial runs, these rumors have proven difficult to confirm. In late 2015, Amazon changed its policy and now prohibits the sale of CBD products. Meanwhile, only a small number of dietary supplement companies feature a CBD product; none of these companies are among the top 25 national supplement companies.

Fortunately, the market is left largely to the CBD-only and medical marijuana companies – which generate an estimated 95% of the total volume of U.S. CBD retail sales. As a consequence of the lack of mainstream production and advertising of CBD products, consumer (and physician) awareness of CBD remains low as do trial transactions, knowledge of CBD’s health benefits, dosing information and, trust in the sources of CBD.