Hemp Juice Powder = Water Soluble CBD & CBDa’s

Hemp Juice Powder = Whole Plant CBDa & CBD

One of the key challenges faced by companies producing CBD supplements, foods and pharmaceuticals is the low absorption rate of whole-plant hemp oil in the human digestive system. What many consumers (and most producers) of CBD do not realize is that the human body typically absorbs only 10-20% of the CBD contained in oil based hemp extracts when orally ingested. This is due to high levels of non-soluble organic lipids (oil, fats and waxes) in hemp extract. That means that as much as 90% of orally ingested CBD does NOT enter into your bloodstream to deliver health benefits.

HempJuicePowder-smThat is one of the reasons why most CBD products come as tinctures, chewables, vape oils, transdermal patches or other products, including suppositories: They use the parts of your body that are better at absorbing hemp compounds. However, such delivery systems range from non-traditional to highly inconvenient, limiting the number of people who are willing to purchase and consume CBD as a daily dietary supplement. Most people prefer to get their CBD as a pill or food additive, the same way they get folic acid, vitamin E, calcium, fish oil or COQ10.

HempJuice Powder was designed to address the CBD absorption problem. HempJuice Powder is water-soluble, so it’s also soluble in the digestive tract, meaning higher bioavailability of the hemp oil and thus more potency for the same amount of CBD. HempJuice Powder can be capsulized and ingested as a dietary supplement. Or it can be added to any existing CBD product for increased CBD potency with a smaller dose meaning a higher margin for producers of traditional CBD products.

Lab Results for HempJuice Powder

Versatility and Convenience

Hemp Juice Powder has the advantage of being a far more versatile product than hemp extracts/oils, which can be difficult to formulate and use to manufacture retail products. Hemp extract in an oil form will stick to just about everything, tastes bad for most and dissolves in just about nothing other than alcohols and oils. Formulating with hemp extract is challenging. Hemp Juice Powder can simply be mixed into food and beverage products, almost without exception; including protein shakes, juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, baked goods or frozen goods, or simply added to a glass of water.

Zero.0% THC

Hemp Juice Powder has 0% / NO THC. Guaranteed. Most mainstream retailers, distributors and a majority of consumers will not accept even trace THC in their products.

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