CBD Capsules = Water Soluble CBD’s

CBD Capsules = Whole Plant CBD 100% Bio-Available

We’ve encapsulated our bio-available water soluble HempCBD Powder in 10mg or 25mg CBD Powder vegetarian capsules.

Most CBD products come as tinctures, chewables, vape oils, transdermal patches or other products; including suppositories: They use the parts of your body that are better at absorbing hemp compounds.

However, such delivery systems range from non-traditional to highly inconvenient, limiting the number of people who are willing to purchase and consume CBD as a daily dietary supplement.

Most people prefer to get their CBD as a capsule or food additive, the same way they get daily vitamins, fish oil or any other supplement.

HempCBD Capsules were designed to also address the CBD absorption problem. HempCBD Powder is water-soluble. This means they’re also soluble in the digestive tract. Which means higher bioavailability of the hemp oil / hemp juice – which leads to more potential potency for the same amount of CBD.

Lab Results for HempCBD Powder